What are the Top 5 Headlamps

With such a vast range of headlamps, it can be quite overwhelming trying to pick the best quality one. Many customers have been disappointed with the headlamps they have purchased mainly because of false hype and advertisement. As a result the customer has lost money and left a bad review. To prevent such inconvenience, I have collected the most reputable and highly rated (4-5 stars and good reviews) headlamps. So if you are looking to buy a headlamp, these might be your best bet, because they are premium quality. Continue reading

tv in motorhome

Choosing the Right TV for Your Caravan

While going on a camping trip with your caravan is all about escaping the hustle and bustle of the urban environment and spending some relaxing moments in nature, that doesn’t have to mean leaving all the leisures of urban life behind. Having gadgets in your caravan is a great way to keep your friends or family entertained when the weather on the campsite is not so great. This doesn’t mean that you should take your laptop with you and get lost in reading and replaying to business e-mails instead of enjoying your stay in nature, but a nice TV could be just the thing to make the caravanning experience much more enjoyable.

tv in motorhome Continue reading