Formal and Informal Garden Design for Small and Large Spaces

Creating a small space where you can relax, grow veggies and fruits it is the perfect hobby to have. It was six months ago when I decided to have in my garden small spaces with a daily dose of vitamin C should be a must. So I searched online how to make the best from my garden, whether big or small to create the Eden garden of fruit and veggie perfection. For that reason, I will explain how to design your garden to be reliable and fully functional. Continue reading


Synthetic Grass Pros And Cons

Nothing can be more relaxing than sitting in your garden while watching the bright green grass and enjoying your afternoon coffee. Artificial grass precisely, has gained a lot in popularity recently as it is eco-friendly, meaning you don’t need to water, fertilize and mow the lawn. What’s more, today’s synthetic grass looks so real, that could easily fool anybody, and besides that it is extremely easy to maintain. So, if you are one of those homeowners who are proud of their home and want it to look appealing and comfy without having to do all the gardening job, then you must think of installing an artificial grass. But if you still have doubts, we have put together a list of both pros and cons of installing an artificial grass.

synthetic grass

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