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How Can You Combine Ladies’ Tops in Your Daily Work Outfits

We are all familiar with the saying: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”, and we couldn’t agree more. When you incorporate something somewhere, it means that you absolutely believe in it and pursue it relentlessly.

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The Fashion Hacks Related to Wide Brim Hats

Accessories have a spacial place in the wardrobe of every woman. They are more then just a detail we add to the completed outfit. The secret to looking fashionable and classy is not just wearing stylish clothes but enhancing them with the right accessories. Ladies we can all agree on one thing- great style and accessories are two things that always go together. We all know that in the fashion world the holy trinity of accessories are without doubt hats, handbags and jewellery. While a chic handbag and a nice piece of jewellery can be an elegant touch to the final outfit, hats have the power to transform your whole look and can function as major statement pieces.

To be honest hats are my all time favourite fashion accessory. I can’t imagine my winter and summer outfits without a gorgeous look hat, the truth is that these trendsetting pieces are a huge part of the fashion world regardless of the seasons. Hats come in many different sizes, shapes and designs, some designs are great for spring, while others are perfect for summer. But there is one style that has that timeless style and is trendy all year round and that is definitely the ladies wide brim hat. The beauty of the wide brim style is in its versatility, these hats offer a wide variety of styling possibilities. While most styles of hats best suit a particular face shape, the wide brim looks flattering on pretty much any kind of face shape,whether it be oval, round, or square for instance. A sophisticated ladies wide brim hat can be the perfect addition to both casual and more formal outfits. Continue reading

Skate Wear: Dress To Impress

Skateboarding is one of the favourite outdoor activity among young Australians. For some of them is just a way to hang out with their friends, but for others is more than just a hobby. There are a lot of skateboard professionals and all those derby events are perfect chance for them to show out their skills. For skateboarding having a high-quality deck is a must, but the overall outfit also plays a significant role. During skateboarding, you made a lot of movements so it is essential to feel comfortable in your skate wear. If you want to feel comfortable and still look like a “real” skater, here are our tips on how to dress to impress.

skate wear

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The Best Of Bohemian Accessories

arm-bandWhen you think of the summer, the first thing that comes to mind is the glory of the bohemian accessories. The summer is all about wearing light, cozy and comfy cloths and accessories. In fact, this summer is going to be all about wearing high waist jeans and shorts, crochet knit tops, floral head piece, oversized sunglasses and of course boho accessories. Continue reading

Great Work Handbags

The work handbag is both a stylish and practical accessory. A stylish and practical handbag is what you need to express your style and carry with you all the necessities. Truth be told, you can get dressed up in your best clothes, but without a great work handbag your outfit will remain incomplete. In fact, it is the handbag the part of your wardrobe that best speaks of your personality. So why not leave your personal mark by complementing your style with a decent work handbag.

Shopping for handbags has never been easier, there are countless accessories shops or specialized handbag shops from where you can explore handbags in a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, materials and colours. However, traditional handbags shopping is not the only option you have today, online shopping is growing in popularity too. There is always a possibility to find handbags for sale online and make much better deal than when shopping from your local shop.

It is up to you to choose whether you will start your quest for handbags for sale online or offline, stop for a while and take a look at my three suggestions for handbags that work well for every formal outfit or occasion.

A Classic Leather BagLeather bags Condura

A classic leather handbag is best option for everyday use. If your aim is to keep your look formal, go for a leather handbag with simple yet sophisticated design, without large logos, or noisy hardware additions. When choosing among the numerous handbags for sale online Continue reading

Inspiring Boho Jewellery Styles

Accessories have an important role in expressing your Boho style. Layered accessorizing is one of the fundamental principles of this fashion style. Boho jewellery is one of the most versatile and original jewelry you can find. It’s easy recognizable by the vibrant colours and the unique mottle. However, not all Boho jewellery pieces share the same style. There are several styles you can choose from to complement your looks. In addition, here are some of the inspiring Boho jewellery styles that are really worth a try.

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Overnight Bags: The Type, The Material, The Size And The Colour Do Matter

Every woman needs an overnight bag. Whether it is for a weekend gateway or a short trip, you need it to carry your everyday essentials.

When it comes to choosing overnight bags, many women tend to caught on the simplest design of them. But since you are not like the other women, you sure want something more intricate.

Available in a variety of designs, sizes and materials, there is really a variety of overnight bags to choose from. Ranging from cheap and enthusiastic canvas to expensive and luxurious leather, when shopping for your overnight bag you will need to consider the type, material, size and colour of the bag.

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