Finding the perfect living space is just the first step to creating a lovely home for spending wonderful moments with family and friends. A few moths ago my husband and I decided it was time to move into a bigger house, so that each of our three boys can have his own room and they no longer have to argue about who will sleep next to the window or who will has the biggest wardrobe. After looking at different properties for a whole month, we finally found the perfect house in a peaceful neighbourhood. The spacious living room and the large backyard are the things that I love the most about my new home. Back in our old house we had no backyard at all, so my boys would often make a mess paying inside. Now, we have a large outdoor space where they can enjoy playing fun games with their friends, while I can welcome my guests in style in my grand living room. As for my husband he was instantly impressed by the big garage space of the house, so I didn’t have to convince him that much that this was the perfect one for us.Online Blinds

With the search for our dream home successfully completed, the next step was to turn the empty and plain living space into a comfortable and stylish home. We decided to keep most of the furniture from our old house, simple because it was relatively new and had a chic Scandinavian design that both my husband and I absolutely adore. So, we only needed to get new window treatments, furnish the kids’ rooms and choose outdoor furniture for the backyard. We got the boys comfy single beds made from memory foam along with matching desks and wardrobes. As for the backyard we got a large outdoor table and chairs to create a lovely dining area for hosting guests. As for the window treatments I decided to order blinds online that will be custom made to match the different windows in the house.

We have large picture windows in the living room and bedrooms, while the kitchen and bathrooms have small windows, so custom made blinds seemed like the best solution to dress up each window properly. Most models of blinds are made from either sheer or blackout fabrics. To give my living room a bright and airy feel I figured it would be best to order blinds online made from sheer fabrics that let in plenty of natural light. As for the bedroom and bathrooms I opted for blackout blinds that provide full privacy and light control. As for the style of my window treatments I chose Roman blinds simply because they can be made to match any type of window and have a simple yet stylish design that can compliment any home setting. Furthermore, they’re easy to clean and are one of the most hygienic window treatments. Due to their practical features and ease of maintenance, Roman blinds can be the ideal solution for any room.


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