Welcome dude and dudettes to the ultimate surface guide! Oh, you know of surfe skate, yet you don’t know the definition. Chillax dude, it is easy. So basically it is a skateboard that has patented truck geometry that has thrust and deep rail to rail carves, made with a dynamic design, that looks like a surfboard but for roads. Before you go out and buy one you gotta consider a couple of things.


Most Popular Surfskates Carving Decks

Surfskate Complete Premier Blackout 40

This surfskate is the most popular and power deck to get the new and exciting look. The V-Truck is one of the most awesome and most performing carving truck at the moment. It has a 360-degree rotating front that offers you free motion on the front, while the back truck will be your pivot point, similar to the fins on a normal surfboard. All these parts allow the rider to use the upper body, that greater faster speed and leading the way with the shoulders. This a great for downhill, carvings and especially if you are a taller rider.

Surfskate Jamie O’Brien Pro 34 Pipeline

On the other hand, a smaller, yet revolutionary style surfskate V-Truck with a turning capacity of 360, from the front of the board allows you the ability to turn in any direction while the back truck is used as a pivot point for the rest of the deck, just like the Blackout 40. This incredible combination offers any rider to user their body to navigate while surfing, where they pump for speed, lead their shoulder to go left or right. The long wheelbase gives you improved stability and it is best suited for downhill!

Board length

If you choose a smaller length boards you will have faster turning, it will be easier to pump and snappier. These boards are recommended to be used in tighter spaces where the easy pumping and tight cutbacks are needed, in a situation like skating in driveways, flat lots and more. Driving a smaller board, will give you a snappier feel and also you will be able to pump it easily offering you the feeling like you are surfboarding a small wave.

Medium length boards are way more stable and have quicking pumping. You will need a little more effort to make a pump, however, once you do it things start to go faster. They are used the best on long distance, where you want to push to travel. Because it is longer board it gives you more stable feel, and it will perfectly recreate the feel like a groveler surfing board.


Longer length boards are the most stable, fast pumping and have a better flow. These boards don’t turn so much easily, yet they have a high pump speed and are harder to pumping standing point. They can up to 43 inches while being more stable than the medium and small board.

Other Things to Consider

When picking a new surf skate you should pay attention to other stuff:

Equivalency range. There is a common rule that the shorter boards have a tight turning, where the longer boards have a bigger opening arc. So you need to consider the shape and graphic of the board when picking the favourite model.

Size. So if you are smaller and shorter ride, the best boards for you are smaller. The same can be said for the taller riders when the best match is a bigger board. However, this is not always like this, because it depends on your style, where you are skating and how you ride it.

Experience. On the other hand if you are experienced boared than you won’t need a board that has bigger cutbacks and pumping, you will go for a board that has a lower cutback and pumping. If you go for a smaller board, you will need to have theright muscle memory to have that snappier ride.

The Terrain. Well, this is very important, because what type of terrain you want to surf, depends what type of board you are going to buy. If you want to ride in a skate parks then you will need a transition model, that has a nose kick in its design, yet if you are riding only on streets than you want a longoboard model


If you are a just a begginer skater and want to try this way of skating, you will need patience and the aforementioed information. Take your time, practice and in no time you will reach your goal.


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