LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are taking over the lightning industry, especially in recent years. Due to their energy saving features and mush longer operational LEDs are replacing traditional incandescent bulbs as a more efficient traffic,warning and sign lights all over the world. What makes LEDs so distinctive their advanced design with is based on the principles of semiconductor technology. In most basic terms a LED is small semiconductor that makes use of electrical current to emit light. The bulbs don’t contain flimsy filaments like incandescent bulbs which tend to overheat and get damaged easily. Since they need heat to generate light incandescent bulbs are usually able to produce only warm white light. LED bulbs, on the other hand, can produce bright light in various colours making them the ideal traffic lights.

led traffic light

The implementation of LED traffic light Australia wide can provide many advantages to the way how traffic is regulated at intersections, roundabouts and other types of roads. They are designed to produce the desired red, yellow and green colours much more efficiently than incandescent bulbs, with only a minimal waste of heat energy. This type of traffic lights are made up of multiple LED bulbs that are connected together and resemble a honeycomb of bright dots. Let’s take a look at some features that make using LED traffic light Australia wide the best way to improve traffic regulation.

Enhanced visibility

Incandescent lights are usually covered with colour filters or glass lenses so they can produce light in different colours. These filters and lenses can in many cases reduce the visibility of the traffic light which can be very dangerous and lead to accidents. As LEDs produce bright light in a variety of colours they provide enhanced visibility and safe traffic regulation.

Quick response

Another great thing about LED lights is their ability to produce bright light instantly which is very important for proper traffic regulation. They offer a much quicker response than incandescent and halogen bulbs thus considerably reducing the number of traffic accidents.

Energy efficient

Compared to traditional bulbs LEDs are designed to consume a lot less energy while at the same time producing bright focused light. With around 80% of electrical energy converted to visible light and only 20% into other forms of energy like heat, these advanced lights are the most energy-efficient solution for traffic lights reducing power consumption and delivering substantial savings.

Less maintenance

As mentioned before incandescent lights often get damaged due to overheating which means they need to be replaced or updated regularly. This is not the case with LED lights which are designed to be long lasting sometimes working for more than 100.000 hours without any kind of damage. They are also highly resist to shock, impact and can perform well even in the harshest weather conditions. This means less maintenance, reduced maintenance costs yet increased traffic efficiency.

References: https://www.bnrindustrial.com.au/collections/traffic-lights-and-systems


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