While going on a camping trip with your caravan is all about escaping the hustle and bustle of the urban environment and spending some relaxing moments in nature, that doesn’t have to mean leaving all the leisures of urban life behind. Having gadgets in your caravan is a great way to keep your friends or family entertained when the weather on the campsite is not so great. This doesn’t mean that you should take your laptop with you and get lost in reading and replaying to business e-mails instead of enjoying your stay in nature, but a nice TV could be just the thing to make the caravanning experience much more enjoyable.

tv in motorhome

When it’s pouring rain outside and you can’t really go on a hike and explore nature, watching a fun movie with your friends with some delicious popcorn can be a great way to relax yet still have a fun day on the campsite. Besides, after a long hike in the wild or playing football with your friends kicking back and watching your favourite TV channel can help you enjoy in a well-needed brake from all the outdoor activities. While the remote location of many campsites makes it difficult to have access to modern entertainment, with the right equipment and smart planning you can easily get a great TV signal. To watch your favourite programs in high-quality you would need a proper TV set up for your caravan.

There are a few essential factors to keep in mind when choosing a TV for your vehicle, power being the most important one. In terms of power a Tv 12V caravan model is often the preferred choice among caravanners since it’s available in both LCD and LED displays and can work with various power sources. To get great signal your TV system should include a receiver/decoder and an antenna unit. The receiver should be able to receive both digital and analogue signals and power the antenna. It’s very important to find the right spot for the antenna. The right position would mostly depend on the size and construction of your vehicle. When adjusting your antenna unit on the roof check each screw and entry point to ensure they’re properly sealed to avoid leaks. If you want to mount the antenna on a tripod get heavy-duty pegs to position it securely into place.

The size of your Tv 12V caravan model is another important feature to consider. For small vehicles TVs that have a screen size below 20 inches would be the best choice. Small ones of 7 or 8 inches would work best in very limited spaces. If you have a medium or large caravan then you can get a bigger TV with 20 inch screen or higher and enjoy watching your favourite programs and movies in high resolution.

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