So you’re a fan of the great outdoors. That makes two of us and, though I’ve always been one, I didn’t always have the courage to embark on adventures in the greenery. In my childhood days I had the chance to have my own tent in the yard, put up by my granddad especially for me. Kids love secret corners, so this was the perfect hideout and the spot for sailing away in my imaginary world. As nostalgia usually strikes when looking through old photos, I got the urge to put up my own tent and even got the courage to do so as soon as chance appeared.

Aluminum Poles

Picking up the perfect tent didn’t turn out to be the easy thing to do because I didn’t know that much about tents to begin with and as any rookie, I focused on the material, having weather conditions in mind (rain primarily). Who knew I’d have to pay just as much attention to the poles as well… Making that mistake cost me time, money, and relaxation since my five-day planned hangout with nature turned into a two-day disappointment. Investing in glassfibre poles seemed to be the way to go, until the flexibility quality turned to be more of a nuisance as the poles couldn’t stand the weight of the tent so I had to fight the falling tent most of the time.

Since I was getting serious with my intentions on making my five-day nature experience happen and spend some bonding time with family away from the city hustle and bustle, I made the decision of investing in quality aluminum replacement tent poles. I could immediately spot the differences, first in appearance, then in strength withstanding the tent’s weight. That was what proper equipment investment felt like, no annoying tent struggles and fast and easy process of putting up the tent altogether.

However, because the tent is your home away from home and it gets to endure the weather changes, it means it’s susceptible to damaging if not taken care of properly, and that includes the aluminum replacement tent poles as well. If you want to protect them from corrosion, despite their resistant properties, it’s good to wipe them out with a cloth and some silicon based polish and store them separately from the tent itself to prevent any damage. This would keep both the poles and the tent safe and ensure their durability.

I can say I understood the meaning of “you live and learn” and now know how to make the right investment when it comes to quality equipment. The tent poles can make or break your experience, so choose wisely.


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