When it comes to serving trays, I personally think they are one of the most versatile kitchen accessories one can have in their home. You can use them for serving food, drink, or for making coffee tables, bars, and even side tables and desks look styled and organized. They also make amazing gifts for weddings and anniversaries.

However, a quick search for serving tray online will make you notice that not every tray works in every situation. For example, some trays are food-safe while others are not. So before you buy a serving tray you need first to decide how you plan to use it and then check the manufacture’s product description to see if it matches with your needs. The size, shape and look are also factors to consider when shopping for a serving tray.


Deciding on Materials
Trays made of metal have a naturally elegant look, are durable, easy to clean, and are great for serving food and beverages. The same goes for melamine, although trays made from this material tend to fade over time with frequent washing. Wood trays work best as organizing pieces – try using one on top of an ottoman as a coffee table. Rattan trays work well for setting down a drink or a book, but keep in mind that this material absorbs liquids, which means it can end up stained with easily.

Keep Lacquer Finishes on Mind
If you decide to go with wood trays, make sure the one you choose has a lacquered finish as it helps protect the tray against liquid and food stains. This also helps make cleaner easier as all you need to do is wipe down the surface. You should know that wood trays with lacquer finishes tend to be more expensive, but they also last longer.

Say ‘Yes’ for Sides and Handles
Serving trays with raised sides are particularly helpful in keeping drinks from toppling over as well as keeping items contained. Similarly, trays with handles are great as they are more easily portable than trays without handles. The majority of serving trays available on the market come with cutout handles (holes carved out from the raised sides of the tray). While these offer a firm grip, sometimes they cut into your hand. The solution? Look for metal and rattan handles that extend from the ends of trays – in addition to been strong they also don’t hurt your palms like cutout handles.


Overall, there are many different types of serving tray online, some intended to be used as commemorative items and other as decorative pieces. Look careful trough your options to find what best matches your intended needs.

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