Accessories have a spacial place in the wardrobe of every woman. They are more then just a detail we add to the completed outfit. The secret to looking fashionable and classy is not just wearing stylish clothes but enhancing them with the right accessories. Ladies we can all agree on one thing- great style and accessories are two things that always go together. We all know that in the fashion world the holy trinity of accessories are without doubt hats, handbags and jewellery. While a chic handbag and a nice piece of jewellery can be an elegant touch to the final outfit, hats have the power to transform your whole look and can function as major statement pieces.

To be honest hats are my all time favourite fashion accessory. I can’t imagine my winter and summer outfits without a gorgeous look hat, the truth is that these trendsetting pieces are a huge part of the fashion world regardless of the seasons. Hats come in many different sizes, shapes and designs, some designs are great for spring, while others are perfect for summer. But there is one style that has that timeless style and is trendy all year round and that is definitely the ladies wide brim hat. The beauty of the wide brim style is in its versatility, these hats offer a wide variety of styling possibilities. While most styles of hats best suit a particular face shape, the wide brim looks flattering on pretty much any kind of face shape,whether it be oval, round, or square for instance. A sophisticated ladies wide brim hat can be the perfect addition to both casual and more formal outfits.

When styled in the right way these trendy hats can make any outfit an elegant and polished look. The wide brim style is available in many design variations, from casual floppy models to unique fedoras and charming straw designs. Here are few ideas on how you can make your outfit stand out with different wide brim designs.


Grey floppy hat
A nice floppy hat is a clothing piece that any woman should have in her collection, simply because it can be styled in many different ways and goes well with a lot of outfits. The colour has a great influence on the final look and grey is an ideal option for floppy designs since it can be matched with a variety of colours and doesn’t look overwhelming. A nice pair of jeans and a grey floppy are a win-win combination, you can style it with a nice leather jacket as well.


White fedora
With a stylish fedora you can make any summer outfit more interesting and unique. There are so many ways you can make your fedora a key feature of your summer style. You can never go wrong with high-wasted short, a patterned crop top and a white fedora, this a great go-to outfit that is casual and cool at the same time.


Black straw hat
Another great design to include in your collection is a black straw hat that is ideal for the spring season. You can pair it with a colourful long dress and a simple black handbag for instance. A straw hat will also look great with a denim skirt and a black or grey sleeves top. If you want a more casual look you can wear it with ripped jeans and white or grey t-shirt for example.


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