Creating a small space where you can relax, grow veggies and fruits it is the perfect hobby to have. It was six months ago when I decided to have in my garden small spaces with a daily dose of vitamin C should be a must. So I searched online how to make the best from my garden, whether big or small to create the Eden garden of fruit and veggie perfection. For that reason, I will explain how to design your garden to be reliable and fully functional.

As much as I love a big backyard, bigger means more work and sometimes my work and other obligations do not let me have one. That’s why in my garden small spaces are filled with fruit trees and vegetable that does not need a lot of care. The best thing about small space garden is that you can manage them easily. There is no need to spend countless hours of maintaining it, but makes you be more organised because you need to hide the plants you do not like away from the eye.

Vegetable Garden, House, Patio

If you thinking about designing garden small spaces especially, they can be managed in two types: Informal and Formal. A lot of people find a way to combine both in their gardens! Familiarise yourself with the fundamentals behind these two styles and with an ease you can identify all the common elements that will make your garden complete. By doing this, you will understand the characteristics of your garden thus creating something beautiful coming from the depths of your soul in your own home.

Formal Garden Designs

Formal gardens designs are created with symmetry, order and elegance. However, if you think yourself as a normal rule-breaking type then you’ll need to forget this design entirely. These gardens are generally planted in straight lines with good reasons. We as humans always find appeal in harmony that is repeated, especially in a formal design garden. Every element of the garden is pleasing to the eye and is also functional for growing your veggies and fruits.

One thing in particular for the formal design is that blends pretty good in urban architecture, especially if you are living in a condo or an apartment. In the end, these gardens hold their form and your interest all the time. Whether you are busy with work, the elegant, charming and functional design will always mesmerise you to come back and spend good quality time with your plants.

Informal Edible Gardens

If you do not want to bother too much, then the natural and casual look in the informal design is the way to go. Compared to the formal design there is no symmetry, they seem to look wild and random. However, they are not so random after all, because there are balance and pattern in them, you just use them in a different way.

To create an informal garden you’ll need more time than the formal one. For instance, when you use basic principles for a formal garden on your balcony you will need to buy the same pots and accessories. When designing an informal type, you need to buy different types of pots, accessories and plants so the garden does not have that harmony, but it has the functionality. Here you have the freedom to create your own masterpiece, your own palette of colours and be proud of it.

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