If you think that growing herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers in an urban environment is a mission impossible, you’ve certainly never heard of self-watering planters. However, since you are reading this article I assume that you are making a research about the urban garden planters. If you are looking for more information about this type of planters, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I am going to talk about the revolutionary design of the urban garden planters and the unique advantages associated with it. As an example that will help me explain the self-watering system better I will take one of the most popular brand of self-watering planters on the market – Glowpear urban garden planters.

Urban Garden Planters

As you can see from the picture, the unique features that set the urban garden planters apart among the other types and models on the market include:

Sturdy and durable construction – These planters are made from hard-wearing UV and corrosion resistant materials and are specially designed to withstand long usage in a range of environmental circumstances or more specifically under factors such as: moisture, extreme temperature fluctuations, ice, prolonged exposure to extreme sun heat and light, wind, etc. Moreover, aside from being sturdy and durable, the construction of these these planters is contemporary and aesthetically pleasing, which makes them a suitable solution for all kind of outdoor or indoor residential or commercial settings.

Built-in water reservoir – the second most recognizable feature of these planters is the built-in water reservoir. As its name implies, the main function of this component to keep reserves of water. On average, with one filling the reservoir keeps the soil moisture from several days up to one week long. This is probably the most important feature for the urban gardeners as it means that no daily watering is required for maintaining the plants in life. There is also a level indicator that gives information about the current water level in the reservoir.

Connector hoses are an important part of the design of the urban garden planters since they allow linking of modules. Also, there is the unique clip-on dip tray.

Not only the self-watering planters save you time and water and make gardening a more convenient and enjoyable experience, growing plants in these urban garden planters is more effective. Namely the unique design of these planters enable not only the water but the nutrients as well to remain in the soil for much longer than when using traditional planters. With all this being said, there’s no doubt that you shouldn’t hesitate to buy one or more of these planters and bring your gardening to the next level!


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