Venetian blinds are the perfect window treatment that can be found in many homes around the world. They are the perfect way to embellish the windows of your home since they look fashionable. Moreover, they are the perfect “weapon” for blocking out the light and heat and are an added element to any home’s architecture.
Nowadays, venetian blinds are way more advanced compared with the past, and because are available in tons of different materials, colours and slat sizes, they have been used both for commercial and residential use. However, the best way to give your windows the right charm is with wooden and aluminium venetian blinds.aluminium Venetian blind

Aluminium Blinds

Aluminium blinds are the perfect way to dress up your windows and they can surely beat the wooden ones because of the many advantages they offer. First and most important, aluminium venetian blinds are lightweight, resilient and sturdy, and easier to maintain than wooden blinds. They are waterproof and offer great durability, functionality and affordability.
When it comes to the look, they come in several attractive finishes like painted and metallic, in order to meet any customers needs. When compared to any other type of blinds, experts say that the Aluminium blinds usually last longer and that is why they provide great worth for money. They are the highest and most affordable option you have, and the easiest one to clean. All you need is a soft or dust cloth. Simple as that.

Timber Blinds

Wooden blinds can be easily found in home improvement stores. They can create a warm and natural feeling in any room they are installed. And their main benefit is that it can be stained almost in any colour in order to match your furniture. They also offer a comforting look because of their strong wood grain and texture, but when it comes to the application, they are not suitable in humid places. So, if you are planning to install timber blinds, they are not the best option you have because of their mild and mildew problems. Moreover, timber venetian blinds cannot be cleaned with water as water may cause them curve and warp. Cleaning them with a duster or soft cloth is enough, but keep in mind that they can absorb grease which can be difficult to remove.

Bottom line, be it for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kids room, lounge room or even office, aluminium venetian blinds are the best option you have. Aluminium blinds cannot warp and fade when exposed to direct light and heat, making them the perfect choice for any type of room.


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