If you are a newbie into the field of photography, then you want to start your journey by using the Digital Single Reflex Lens Camera or DSLR for short. DSLR cameras offer you the opportunity to have more flexibility while taking your pictures. Another great treat that DSLR cameras offer is that you can easily change lenses to match your current occasion. You can easily change the ISO settings, aperture width and create different effects for your photographs. DSLR cameras offer you a way to create a unique and interesting composition that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

The DSLR camera works in a way where the mirror reflects images that are seen by the eye, instead of the view that is used in other cameras. A lot of professionals prefer using SLR cameras because it gives them better control over the viewing angle they are photographing. On the other hand, digital cameras use a flash drive to store the images in a digital form, rather than a film (SLR camera uses). DSLR cameras are a symbiosis of the best technology and professional equipment combined.


Before you start shooting and taking those beautiful shots, you should take your time and get to know your camera better. You’ll need to take a lot of time to get used to it, especially if you have never used an SLR camera. Professionals still want to know what type of lenses are used and how pictures you are going to take. Purchasing accessories such as tripod helps newbies to take steady and clear photos. These cameras have an internal arm that lifts the mirror up, which can lead to producing blurred images. Another function that the DSLR camera offers is you can freely adjust the shutter speed and slow down the shaking of the camera before you take any photos.

With the DSLR the millisecond you press the shutter, the photo is taken and you are ready to take another one. When they say the DSLR is fast, they mean the frames per second. When you hold the shutter button, you are taking several pictures in a row. They range anywhere from three frames per second to 10 frames per second. The DSLR camera does most of the processing even before you click the button. There is burst mode functionality that you will need if you are into sports, you can just hold the shutter down, and it will auto-focus and shoot each frame that you want. On some DSLR, you have the Wi-Fi functionality so you can upload your pictures directly to a computer or directly on your cell phone and then you can put it whatever site you want.

DSLR cameras are here to capture those favourite and precious moments. Whether is a wedding or baby’s first steps, or a soccer game, or anything that you want to treasure forever, that’s where DSLRs are a lot more reliable. Those are the moments that you don’t get back and having a really good quality images helps to preserve those moments. The best thing to do is to demo the cameras, feel the weight in your hands, you use the menu system and you shoot with it – you can tell right away if you like it.


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