Synthetic Grass Pros And Cons

Nothing can be more relaxing than sitting in your garden while watching the bright green grass and enjoying your afternoon coffee. Artificial grass precisely, has gained a lot in popularity recently as it is eco-friendly, meaning you don’t need to water, fertilize and mow the lawn. What’s more, today’s synthetic grass looks so real, that could easily fool anybody, and besides that it is extremely easy to maintain. So, if you are one of those homeowners who are proud of their home and want it to look appealing and comfy without having to do all the gardening job, then you must think of installing an artificial grass. But if you still have doubts, we have put together a list of both pros and cons of installing an artificial grass.

synthetic grass

Pros Of Synthetic Grass

  • Once installed, artificial grass requires no or maybe little maintenance, as it doesn’t require watering and mowing.

  • Unlike natural grass, the artificial one doesn’t need expensive weed killers and fertilizers.

  • You will cut down on buying and operating the lawn mower.

  • Forget about pulling out weeds. In case you spot some weeds here and there, you can simply remove them with a mild weed killer that won’t damage the artificial grass.

  • Since artificial grass lasts longer, you will spare yourself the time and money on replanting the natural grass.

  • You can easily play different types of sports on the grass without damaging it.

  • Artificial grass will dry quickly in cases of rain (or washing), so you will don’t have to worry about the possibly collected puddles of water.

  • Artificial grass always looks impeccable, so you will never be embarrassed of the unkempt lawn.

Cons Of Synthetic Grass

  • The main con of installing synthetic grass is the cost, but if you think in the long run it really pays off, as you will cut down on many costs related to maintaining a natural grass.

  • It can become really hot during the summer months.

  • Generally speaking, nobody sees this as a con, but let’s mention it. Since it’s not natural, the artificial grass cannot offer the smell of freshly cut grass.

To sum it up, if you don’t have the time to mow, water and fertilize the grass frequently, then choose artificial grass. So, if what you want is to enjoy your lawn without having to put any effort, then artificial grass is the perfect option.


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