Inline skating is fun, exciting and health-beneficial activity. Inline skating is a great way to spend a good time with your friends or kids and to clear up your mind, spend a lot of calories and strengthen your body at the same time.

Unlike some other recreational sports activities, inline skating doesn’t require a lot of equipment and special gear. All that you need to spend a great time with your kids is a pair of inline skates for you and inline skates for kids. And you are ready to dive into the exciting world of inline skating, or as some would say rollerblading. Also, even before you start your inline skating adventure, make it a point to buy high-quality safety gear such as helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads and comfortable and protective clothes.


Needless to say, if you are a beginner you should learn the basics of inline skating. So, keep on reading to learn what are the most important steps to follow before you dive into the exciting world of inline skating. Let’s get started.

Step One: Find a Good Place to Skate

To learn inline skating, you’ll need a plat surface where you can practice. Look for areas that are not crowded with people. Instead, choose a place where nobody will be on your way. Unused parking lots, local parks, and skate parks make a good choice.

Step Two: Practice Standing and Balance

It will take you some time until you learn to stand on the skates. At the beginning, you might feel insecure but with a little practice, you will conquer this technique. For the beginning, stand on the skates by leaning on a wall and practice balance until you feel prepared to make your first hands-free move.

Step Three: Learn To Keep Your Weight On Top Of Your Inline Skates

This is the best way to start inline skating. At the beginning, it might feel like standing barefoot on a slippery floor, but with the time, you’ll get used to standing on the skates while staying balanced by keeping your weight on top of the skates. As you progress with your practice, feel free to increase the speed of your push-offs.

Step Four: Start Pushing Off!

Now that you have learned to keep balance while standing on the skates, feel free to make you first push off forward. The first steps will give you confidence towards achieving your first skating goal.

Step Five: Learn How To Brake

For safe braking buy adult’s and inline skates for kids that have heel brakes that are made of high-quality rubber that is safe and long lasting. To practice braking, put your hands on your knees and extend your braking leg by applying pressure on it. Repeat this inasmuch as you need to feel comfortable trying braking in practice.


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