If you’re still cleaning your windows with a roll of paper towel, know they will never look as if professionals cleaned them. There are several window cleaning supplies that can come in a handy way more than a roll of paper towel, especially if you’re aiming at saving precious time and achieving better results at the same time.

Soft-bristled brushes are very convenient window cleaning tools, just choose the one that fits best in your hand, so that your hand doesn’t stiffen up after a while. Opt for one with longer and foldable handle for maximum comfort.

Squeegees are true time-saving tools due to their ability to reach high places and salvage you from the need to use a ladder, which can also be dangerous. Squeegees with a metal frame are the most durable ones, plus you can replace the worn out rubber blade with a new one. Measuring your windows and buying an appropriate squeegee according to their size is a must.


Strip applicators with cloth head are even easier to use than squeegees. Which one you choose to use depends on the effort you’re willing to bargain for the clean windows. If you want to clean your windows more often but with less effort, you should opt for a strip applicator.

Cleansing powder with oxalic acid will help remove the mineral stains from your windows.

Dishwashing liquid along with hot water makes the perfect window cleaning solution. Put no more than a teaspoon in 5 liters of water.

White vinegar will quickly become your new BFF. Some people prefer it over dishwashing liquid, if you do too, use ¼ cup of vinegar for every two cups of water.

Nylon scrubbing pads are convenient for cleaning hard-core stains that you cannot always keep track of, such as bug-droppings.

Rubber gloves are a must. Without them, your hands don’t stand a chance against cleaning solutions. Use them!

Tips for using window cleaning supplies

The soft-bristled brush should be used to get rid of loose dirt or webs. The strip applicator should be dipped in the cleaning solution, and the excess solution should be carefully removed from the tool. The glass is to be scrubbed with the strip applicator, however, you can switch to the nylon scrubbing pad if there are some more persistent stains. When using a wet cloth to clean the inside of the window, make sure you don’t wet the floor, hence cover it with few towels.

Every now and then, it is smart to do a research on the newest inventions that are here to make your life easier on virtually every matter. There are people who dedicate their lives to creating cleaning supplies that will save you time and energy, providing better results.

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