If you are new to the yoga world, then you probably don’t know yet how important it is to buy a good-quality yoga mat. To prove that, I bet you have invested in a cheap, PVC mat that is not padded, nor is it eco- friendly, I’m right? Once you start to generate more sound from your feet and hands sticking to the grimy mat than from your pranayama breathing, then you will know that you should have put more effort into finding a superior yoga mat.

Buy Yoga Mat Online

Taking into consideration that the market is full of options, when looking to buy yoga mat online or offline, check for these essentials:

1. Material

Yoga mats are usually made from PVC or rubber, to allow a better grip during the yoga practice. The sticky nature of these materials makes them ideal for those who practice hot yoga or are prone to sweating. There are also various mats are are coated with polyurethane, which provides an amazing grip during the sweatiest of yoga practices. However, they are not ideal for those trying to avoid chemicals or a smelly mat. More green-mats, like ones made of organic or recycled materials, are usually more comfortable -especially for seated positions and less intense forms of practice.

2. Texture

While mats that feature raised patterns or bumpiness are appreciated by some, but for others they are pretty uncomfortable. Rubber, PVC, and polyurethane mats are often free of added texture, while Jute and cotton mats have a more natural texture to then that provide extra traction. Yoga mats with tactile patterns usually require more cleaning since dirt, grime and sweat can accumulate in the grooves and crevices.

3. Thickness

The perfect way to test out your mat’s thickness is doing the headstand position. Downward Dog and Table positions don’t require much cushioning, but headstand put all your weight on the crown of your head and you are sure going to want some padding! When looking to buy yoga mat online or offline, keep in mind that a decent amount of cushion will help you maintain better balance, allowing you to sink into flows comfortably.

4. Colour & Design

Choosing a colour and design that makes you comfortable is important, but so is having fun and trying new things with your yoga essentials. One of a kind design, fun colours and cool patterns all add to your individual practice and can take your overall experience to another level. Don’t be afraid to add some creativity to your yoga sessions!

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