Skateboarding is one of the favourite outdoor activity among young Australians. For some of them is just a way to hang out with their friends, but for others is more than just a hobby. There are a lot of skateboard professionals and all those derby events are perfect chance for them to show out their skills. For skateboarding having a high-quality deck is a must, but the overall outfit also plays a significant role. During skateboarding, you made a lot of movements so it is essential to feel comfortable in your skate wear. If you want to feel comfortable and still look like a “real” skater, here are our tips on how to dress to impress.

skate wear

Watch skate videos

If you want to arm yourself with more ideas of skate outfits, watching skate videos is a great way start. Some skaters wear sweatpants, others wear jeans. What you will choose to dress is up to your personal style. If you consider of wearing jeans, make sure they are stretchy. You can also consider of buying pants with a bigger number than you actually wear, but make sure they will stay on you, despite all those jumps and moves. Believe me, no one wants to see your panties.

Get a bunch of T-shirts and flannels

Again, what you will choose depends on your style. But, regardless of your choice, you need to have a lot of them in your wardrobe. You can wear a pair of jeans for a couple of days, but make sure you do not do this with your T-shirt. Depending on your build, you may need to buy different sizes of shirts. If you are skinny it does not mean you need to wear skinny shirts. They may be the right fit for your, but they still can makes you feel uncomfortable. You can buy a hoodie instead, or you can opt for something long and big if you are more into the gangster look.

Get the right pair of shoes

Shoes are an important part of the skate wear. You need to feel comfortable and they need to match your overall look. If you are more into Emo or Punk look, then a pair of Vans would be a perfect choice. Adidas, Reebok, Converse are all world-known brands that offer high-quality skate shoes. You can guide yourself by the style of your favourite professional skater or other skaters at your local place, but make sure you do not copy them. It looks bad to be a copy cat and that is for sure.

Get a good board

Last but not least, having a quality deck is important. Other skaters will judge you by your deck before you even get your feet on it. There are a lot of good brands and skate wear shops that offer a wide range of quality boards. When buying a board ask your friends for a recommendation or read online reviews. Thus, you will become more informed and make a wiser decision.

If you find our tips helpful, do not waste your time. Get yourself dressed, put your feet on the board and start your ride.


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