Some people love bare white walls, some like them with few paintings on it, and some simply can’t imagine the room without the walls being covered with wallpapers. And why not? In apartments with little furniture and minimal in size, wallpapers can really brake the monotony and give the room direction and identity. No worries, today’s wallpapers aren’t like the ones people used back in the old days facing all sorts of troubles getting them out and eventually ending up with damaged walls. Today wallpapers are made from a lot higher quality and what was a huge problem of the past is now history. The offer of wallpapers you can buy for your home is almost endless; there are so many various themes you can choose from it’s close to confusion, especially if you’re not focused and have no idea what you want. Here are just a few companies if you decide to invest your money in wallpapers buy them online:


  1. The Wall Sticker Company – whether it’s a sticker or wallpapers buy them from Wall Sticker Company where they offer everything for everyone – those of you who are a little braver and ready to cover an entire wall, and those who simply don’t dare to take that step and change the appearance of their rooms.
  2. Swag Paper – their wallpapers are pre – cut and and as such are much easier for installation, which means you don’t need to order a team of professionals to install them for you.
  3. Tempaper is here to give an attractive offer to everyone who wants to decorate a modern home in which metal elements dominate.
  4. Wall candy arts makes their vinyl wallpapers in the USA. They’re colourful and whimsical, and people who enjoy a splash of colours on their walls will find them especially appealing.
  5. Spoonflower has a very interesting offer for their customers: you get to design your own wallpaper! Just give them a picture of whatever it is that you want on your walls and they will print it on a PVC free paper which is also durable, and Eco-friendly.
  6. Murals your way – if you want removable wallpapers buy online from Murals Your Way. The company offers a lot of different wallpapers in various colours and shapes. I’d say these are a little classic, and not very suitable for extremely modern and fashionable homes.
  7. Blik is a whole other story; it offers amazing wall graphics which are very fancy, modern and colourful! These aren’t wallpapers for covering the entire wall, but just for a fraction, for example on the wall above the coffee table.
  8. Timothy Sue is the brand designed by Colette Clark from San Francisco. His designs are printed on a polyester fabric material and feature a removable backing.
  9. Dormco – want temporary colour only? No patterns no drawings no graphics. Dormco offers you wallpapers in one colour which can be easily peeled off once you decide to move.
  10. Easywallz – specialists in removable wallpapers. You can give them a picture of your own, or choose from their collections. They offer interesting sights like florals, cityscapes and a lot more. Whatever you find fancy and suitable to your room design.


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