If you are a parent, you know how fun and full of various interesting activities can be birthday parties for kids. Generally, children can’t sit to one certain place, they want to be in constant movement and playing various games. It’s quite challenging to organize a few hours of different fun activities every year. In the range so many different things to do, lot of parents go for roller skating. Roller skating can be so much fun for toddlers, especially for those who have no experience in skating at all. Facing with this activity for the first time can be challenging and and fun for both, the parent and the kid.

Often, this is the first reason for some kids to develop their real interest in this sport. For a beginning, it’s okay to rent a pair of roller skate anytime your kid wants to go for skating. But, if this starts to happen very often, it can be quite expensive. So, maybe it’s time to opt for a pair of new skates for your kid. But here comes some other considerations. For example, what type of skates to purchase, what size is right, etc. If you go through some skating equipment shop you will be able to find different kind of skates available, and what type is the right choice for your kid depends upon what kind of skating it will want to do.

For a beginning, don’t go for the expensive ones. If they are high price it does not mean they are the highest quality. There are so many roller blades with reasonable prices that can serve your kid very well at the beginning of this journey. Also, if you make a good research you may be able to buy a pair of skates from quality brand and pay not more than $50. And believe me, your kid would not be disappointed.


If you are done with the buying process, your kid is now ready to go on the rink. Once you get into it, you will notice many people and kids who are into jamming. That is a jam skating. This skating technique borrows from gymnastics, hip hop and break dancing and is an amazing show of athletic ability and balance. The purpose is to change these moves from traditional dancing and be able to complete them using roller skates. There probably will be tournaments somewhere nearby. If your kid is into dancing, perhaps it will love to learn some of those moves on its new skates.

Another type of skating is derby. Derby skating attract a sizable crowd and is quite entertaining style. It’s a contact sport for both men and women, but with time its popularity has increased and become more a women’s sport. You will not be able to see this skating at the local skating rink. Derby skating takes place on an oval track and participants score points by passing members of the opposing team.

Recreational or artistic skating is done on high top boots. This style includes jumps, spins and dance moves. All competitors are judged on their flow of movement, deportment, harmonious composition, use of the rink and conformity to the music. As you can see, skating is a sport that can takes many different forms. But first, let your kid start out on the rink and learn how to skate properly. If after certain period of time you notice that your kid is gaining an interest for any of these or other types of skating techniques, you may need to consider of buying a new pair skates appropriate for that style. But for start, buy just one pair of quality skates and let your kid enjoy the ride.


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