Both fight sports, boxing and MMA are dangerous sports that expose your body to high risk of injuries. No matter which of the two sports you practice, your hands are the part of your body that are likely to be affected by injuries, which in most cases are serious. For this reason, ensuring maximum protection for your hands before anything else is more than important for minimizing the risk of injuries. I said “minimizing” because it is impossible to eliminate the risk, but at least you can do is to reduce the risk or impact on the degree of injuries by protecting your hands.


Needless to say, the proper protection of your hands during punches starts with investing in a pair of high-quality gloves. When it comes to choosing the right gloves many are doubting between MMA gloves and boxing gloves. If you don’t know what type of gloves to choose, keep on reading, we’ve prepared a simple comparison between MMA gloves and boxing gloves. In fact, here are the main factors that distinguish these two types of sports gloves.


  • Fingers – This is one of the most obvious difference between the MMA and boxing gloves. In fact, boxing gloves wrap all of the fingers of your hand into one padded compartment, while the MMA gloves wrap each finger separately, like the standard gloves.
  • Padding – It is the padding one of the most important that directly impacts the level of protection. Also, padding is one of the biggest difference between the two types of gloves. If you want gloves with more padding, then go for boxing gloves, because they are more padded. On the other side, the MMA gloves are significantly less padded which makes them less protective during strong kicks and punches.
  • Closure – The type and the depth of the closure impacts the wrist protection. In this case the pros go to the boxing highly-padded gloves. They wrap your hand better and more deeply, while the Mixed martial arts gloves usually don’t wrap more than the top of your wrist.
  • Wrist Wraps – Aside from wearing protective gloves, many boxers wear wrist wraps in order to strengthen their wrists and fingers. If you prefer to use wrist wraps then you’ll need gloves that provide enough space to accommodate them. When choosing between boxing and Mixed martial art gloves, go for boxing gloves, because they provide more room for accommodating the wraps.

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