Helpful Fishing Videos to Learn How to Cast Properly and Efficiently

As a curious kid, watching the anglers standing and fishing besides the river or the sea coast near my small town, I thought that all that they were doing was holding the fishing rod and waiting for the fish to bite the lure. But, as I was growing up and getting more curious and involved in fishing I learned that catching fish is much more than that. To say it on the simplest way possible, I realized that fishing is art that involves a lot of skills that I needed to learn in order to become proficient and successful. And, so I did. I spent a lot of time and effort on learning various tips and tricks that helped me master my fishing skills. To be honest, what helped me the most wasn’t learning from experienced anglers, but watching a lot of fishing videos.


If you are a beginner in fishing, who is eager to learn more and more about fishing, but you don’t know from where to start, or the fishing fellows in your local area are not always in a mood to share their experience with you, don’t worry, nor give up on your idea to become a good and skilled angler. All that you need to do is to find a good fishing channel online or on your TV, and watch fishing videos on a daily basis, and more importantly try in practice what you’ve learned the day before.

Trust me, this is a foolproof way towards becoming a skilled angler. In fact, here’s a small part of everything that I’ve learned by watching fishing videos:

  • How to tie a perfect knot ;
  • Useful tips and tricks on how to change trebles;
  • How to use an electric reel in different situations and types of fishing;
  • How to spool a real flawlessly;
  • How to use a scaling bag;
  • How to use an environet;
  • Hot to properly clean and maintain the fishing equipment;
  • How to catch specific types of fish, such as for example: kingfish, black bream, etc.

Moreover, aside from learning tips that are very important for casting properly and efficiently on an easy and fun manner, the fishing videos helped me learn other important things in respect of fishing. Namely, I learned how to choose the right fishing equipment for my specific fishing activities; how to pick a good fishing spot; what is the best time to fish for certain fish types; and even how to make a homemade burley. In the end, I think that I gave you enough reasons to follow my learning method by watching fishing videos. Therefore, do not hesitate to start your quest for the best video channel right away!


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