With this busy style of living, we do not always have the needed time to go to the gym and workout. That is why lot of people today are creating their own personal gyms somewhere in their homes. If you are one of those who want to convert the basement into comfortable place for working out, you are probably aware that after you clean the space and make few changes, it’s time for the next step – purchasing a workout equipment. Yes, we know there are so many equipment pieces out there which makes it a little bit difficult to know from where to start.

As a beginning, why not start with something not so expensive yet necessary – a dumbbells. Buying a dumbbells is also not easy thing to do, since there are so many different types available on the market. That’s why we create these simple buying guides in order to ease your dumbbells buying decision. It’s important to make a good research, since there are so many sport shops and online retailers that offer dumbbells for sale. Let’s take a look at the various types of dumbbells so you can choose which one is the right for you.


Fixed dumbbells – These dumbbells are maybe the most common type you can find available. They are generally sold in pairs and weight from 1kg – 100kg each. It all depends on your individual needs and strength, but for home users I usually recommend a 2.5kg – 30kg fixed dumbbell sets. Despite there are various styles of dumbbells for sale, these are commonly used by fitness enthusiasts and professionals.


Fixed rubber dumbbells – If you are a fan of hard wearing, robust dumbbell, then this type is your best choice. They are high quality and provide exceptional felling during the workout. One of the main benefit of fixed rubber dumbbells is their protective outer coating that protects the dumbbell, the surrounding lifting area and the storage stand. Rubber dumbbells are are available in various colours and weight denominations.

Fixed urethane dumbbells

Fixed urethane dumbbells – Another popular style of dumbbells for sale. They are not much different from rubber dumbbells but compared to rubber are stronger version. It is harder to cause damage to these dumbbells because the outer layers are tougher and resistant to the chips, marks and scratches that can occasionally happen on rubber dumbbells. Another benefit of these dumbbells is that they don’t produce odor like rubber.

Fixed chrome dumbbells

Fixed chrome dumbbells – Metal dumbbells are a cheaper version of modern urethane and rubber dumbbells. They are available in classic shapes and are strong products which stand up to a heavy lifting environments, while the risk of scratches and chips is still there. For home gyms, chrome dumbbells can look great and deliver their function perfectly well.


Adjustable dumbbells – These dumbbells are perfect choice for people who want different weights but don’t have enough space to store them or budget for a full set of fixed dumbbells. The technology has been developing quickly so you can find these dumbbells for sale to replace the need for up to 34 pairs of dumbbells with just 2. You can find them in various sizes, shapes and designs.


Studio dumbbells – Studio dumbbells are full covered in a layer of textured neoprene or rubber to protect the product against the regular use. This also makes them easier to grip, especially during the cardio exercise. They are design in anti-roll shape to ensure that during the workout, they will not cause hazard to the floor.


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