To be honest, it is almost impossible to choose between the vape atomizer and the cartomizer. This is because both of them have different functions and unique needs for e-cig users. What we are going to discuss here is a comparison between the functions, pros and cons of using vape atomizer versus cartomizer as your main electronic vaping device.

The Vape Atomizer

Vape atomizers exist since when electronic cigarettes was first invented. An e-cig that includes both vape atomizer and cartridge is called a ‘three-piece model’. The coil is located above a wicking and cup material and is usually shielded with a screen trap that brings fluid into the cartridge. Regular vape atomizer models are often included with a typical e-cig kit. Low vape atomizer models supply warmer vapor while maintaining energy.

Some cartridges are designed to fit on or in the vape atomizer. This depends on the style of the e-cig. A porous material that supplies the liquid is often held by the cartridge. But there are various new e-cig cartridges that use a tiny hole to get the exact amount of liquid to reach the vape atomizer.

E Cig Girl

The Vape Cartomizer

A cartomizer is basically a cartridge and an atomizer placed together into one unit. An e-cig that uses a cartomizer is called ‘two piece model’. Every time heating element is found in a vape cartomizer, air flow is liberated through a main tube, allowing the fluid to be vaped.

Nowadays cartomizers are available for almost every e-cig style and in a wide range of flavours. They are able to provide a full consistent flavor until empty and hold a little more liquid than a conventional e-cig cartridge. Plus it can be quickly refilled in various different ways, such as dripping the fluid directly onto the filler. There are some models that require a syringe and do not use filler.

Atomizer & Cartomizer

Choosing Between Vape Atomizer and Cartomizer

Deciding to use whether a vape atomizer or a cartomizer is quite similar to choosing a flavour palate for e-liquid. It’s totally a personal decision that you will have to make based on your personal preferences. The good news is that basically all examples of both alternatives work pretty well and there are no rules that dictate you can’t use both of them on a daily basis. However, there is a great range of amazing options to make your e-cig experience enjoyable.

Hope after reading this you will be able to choose the best option to suit your needs.


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