5 Tips To Understand Removalists Quotes

Moving in or moving out can be an overwhelming time, so it’s important to have everything planned ahead. Avoid any last minute surprises related to the cost of your removal service by considering the following tips that can help you understand your removalist quotes and make sure they are accurate. This goes especially for the previously agreed price. Let there are no surprises and plan everything on time.


Keep in mind that removalist quotes do not include additional services. It is of utmost importance to discuss each of your needs with the chosen removal company to make sure you receive a quote that includes all of your requirements.

  • Removals Survey – A pre-move removals survey is performed by your potential removal companies in order to estimate the volume of items that will need to be moved. This is important so they can provide an accurate removalist quote and provide you with enough team members and necessary equipment for your moving day.
    Many of the removal companies provide a binding quote after the survey has been performed. This binding quote is based on your items and other additional services that the estimator is informed about.
    Once the estimator has visited your place, you should expect to receive your written removalist quote by email within 3 days.
  • Insurance – Every removal company is insured, but experts recommend to carefully check what you are covered for in the removal company’s terms and conditions.
    Usually, any company will cover a certain amount of money per item under their standard removals insurance, but if you want to have more cover than this for your goods, then you will need to purchase additional insurance. A removal company should state in its quotes if they provide this option and how much you will need to pay. This is an important thing to consider, as the removal quotes will vary from company to company.
  • Storage – If you will need a storage as part of your move, make sure you understand if the storage rate is stated on the quote. Many removal companies charge by cubic meter per week for storage in transit, so carefully check if you will be charged extra money for this service.
  • Specialist Items – Moving some important and special things can cost you more, as they require a specific equipment or crating to move them safely, as well as special removal team’s skill. As specialist items are considered antiques, fine art, piano and chandeliers.
  • Compare Quotes – After you have received your written quotes of the chosen removal companies, the next step is to compare them and make your decision on which removal company to go with.

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