Types of Electrical Enclosures

There are various types of electrical enclosures you can use to house your installations and cables. According to surrounding environment, room design, presence of moisture, exposure to sun and other weather changes, you can choose from a wide palette of materials used for making electrical enclosures. Many electrical enclosures Australia retailers offer various choices among which these are the most popular:

enclosure (2)

Steel or metal enclosures

These are the most commonly used and asked for in most electrical enclosures Australia stores. Their main purpose is to house electrical or electronic switch gear, control gear and equipment. Also electrical installation, transmission and signposting are housed in enclosures of this type. At some cases, these can be used for equipment that requires specific dimensions considering installation requirements. Steel enclosures can come in various options, including those that are double folded at the front and extra internal protection layer, or a steel enclosure box with glazed doors and a mounting plate ready to be mounted on a wall.

GRP or Glass-fiber Reinforced Polyester

If you want your installations and switching gear to be protected from high impact and other stress types, you should look for a GRP type of electrical enclosure. These are made of reinforced polyester with 30% glass fiber which is the source of high resistance against impacts and other types of stress.

Polyester/poly carbonate plastic enclosures

Look for these enclosures in electrical enclosures Australia shops if you’re thinking of placing them in environments with high possibilities of mechanical impacts, resistance and corrosion by chemicals. They’re build to withstand all these types of stress and are light and compact which makes them very easy to install.

Terminal boxes

If you need to house terminals, timers, meters and isolators, look for enclosure boxes made of mild steel. Mild steel is strong enough to withstand impacts and doesn’t rust as easy.

Plastic enclosures

These can come either plain or with sockets and wiring in any combination you need. They can be easily sealed, are protected from UV influence and the best thing: fastening for turning hinges comes along with them! They also feature a locking device to assure high water-tightness.

These are just some of the types of electrical enclosures you can get to protect and house your installations in a fancy manner. Electrical enclosures Australia retailers offer a lot more, and if you’re in any need for such thing, do your research and look for the thing that best suits your needs.


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