Guide For Selecting Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxurious vinyl tile (LVT) offers a great solution  practically for any room of your living area. It become progressively popular for its large number of options when it comes to high durability, color and pattern, ease of care and installation. For those who are looking for modern and abstract appearance lasting beauty, comfort, and amazing performance of their floor should consider LVT flooring, because the main purpose of  LVT is to receive some real interpretations for authentic materials such as stones, marbles, wood etc. It is available in many designs and dimensions, but with so many alternatives on the marketplace is hard to make a good selection of vinyl floor covering.  LVT has tree primary components:

  • Base layer which approximately lay 65 % of the overall composite, offers adaptability and multidimensional firmness. Also is moisture resistant and ecological-friendly material.
  • Visual layer is a component which consist a realistic image that delivers the look of real ceramic or stone.
  • Finish layer is the most important component when installing LVT. It is the top coat of the tile which helps each one to resist heaviness, stain and abrasion. And other great benefit is that are mold resistant.

Therefore here’s a guide to help you when choosing luxury vinyl tile flooring.

Purpose of the product

You have to think about its purpose, is it going to be for your living area or (for example a hospital, school, hotel). If it is for one of the mentioned above than you will need more wear layer, because remember, that print layer of the pattern and the color are laid under the wear layer, which makes it essential for taking care of the design and the heaviness of the traffic will take.

Consider the product’s core

Some LVT are made from raw materials, but mostly pure PVC which are essential for the quality and durability of the products so that they can provide a strong core in order to be protected from harmful chemicals, but also to reduce the risk of recycling toxic into LVT.


The thickness of the luxurious vinyl tile is an essential part when planning vinyl floor covering especially if you are using a vinyl tile in one room and you have another type in other room (this often happens to doorways) Chose carefully so they can match each other in thickness but also be approximately similar in designs.


As popularity of vinyl tiles rises, many commercial enterprises offer a variety of vinyl tile moldings in addition to create a perfect look of your whole living area (or any other you prepare for). Choose them carefully and give your place a look that deserves.


Before installing LVT let it adapt to your home temperature (or other place where you’re going to install) for about 48 hours before its use. Keep in mind that vinyl tile can expand depending on the humidity air and temperature.


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