What to Consider Before Hanging Pendant Lights


Pendant lights make a great addition to any room. One or more pendant lights will break the monotony, improve the atmosphere and add style in your place, especially if it’s spacious. Hence If you are remodeling your living room, kitchen, bedroom, hallway or bathroom, don’t overlook the importance of choosing the most suitable lighting solution, to match your personal preferences as well as the home décor of your living space.

According to many lighting engineers and designers, adding pendant lights is for many reasons a reliable solution you can’t go wrong with. However, to get the most out of hanging pendant lights, you need to consider some key factors. In short, here’s what the interior designers recommend for hanging pendant lights on an efficient, yet aesthetically correct manner.

What is Your Goal


First and foremost, before you hang your pendant lights you should know what do you want to achieve with them. For instance, decide whether you want to create more intimate, relaxing atmosphere, or on the contrary, more open, airy and cooler ambient. Moreover, think about your reason for installing the pendant lighting fixtures, or more specifically, decide do you do this just for the decorative purpose, or because you want to achieve something more.

Space Features

Some of the most important space specification you need to keep on mind before and during hanging pendant lights, are: the height of the ceiling; the overall size of the room; the presence of natural light in the room. Considering these basic factors will help you to determine the number, size and type of pendant lighting fixtures to install to a certain room in your house.



You might fall in love with a certain pendant lighting fixture on the first sight, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are done with your selection. It is not only important for a pendant lighting element to match your taste, what matters the most for achieving proportion are the space considerations. For instance, installing one or more pendants in a tight space with a high ceiling is not proportionally correct, as well as hanging pendant lights with the smaller size in a spacious place. For this reason, always pay attention to the proportion when hanging such lighting elements.


Last but not least, never choose pendants before you make a plan about where do you plan to install them. Chances are, the pendants that would best work for your kitchen or dining room, won’t necessarily work for your bedroom or hallway. Hence, it is more important for you to determine the location of hanging pendant lights prior to choose or add them in the room.

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