A home is not complete without having the proper letterbox. Whether it’s hanging on the front porch, the garage or the wall surrounding the home, having a modern letterbox is one of those things that cannot be overlooked. Metal or wooden, today’s letterboxes vary in price, size, colour and material, so you can easily choose the one that will meet your requirements.
Whether moving into a new home or you simply want to replace the old letterbox with new one, have a look at our suggestions where you can place it.


  • If you’re building a new wall or fence, it is time to think about where you would like to put your new mailbox. Do you want it on your porch so you can have an easy access, or you want it hanged on the fence? Figuring out where do you want to place the mailbox will help you choose the one according to its designed place.
  • If you want it to be placed somewhere in the middle, installing your new and modern letterbox into the wall around your home might be the best option you have. It will be the perfect addition to your home’s construction.
  • When it comes to choosing the right size, there are no rules. If you are more into things that make a statement, then getting a larger mailbox won’t be a problem. On the other side, if you want a balance and matching design elements, then a smaller letterbox might be your option.
    Either way, it is always good to see the measurements of the letterbox you are considering to buy in order to understand how much space you will need.
  • Many homeowners choose the colour of their letterbox based on the colour of their home and the rest of the outdoor home accessories. The commonly used colour for mailboxes is black, as it can add contrast, but you can always choose other colour or get a raw wood letterbox and paint or stain in order to match your home.


These things will hep you figure out what type of mailbox you need in order to meet your requirements and surrounding area. The main rule for picking a mailbox is the same as for picking anything – Find one that will show who you are. Be unique, be yourself! Whether buying online or not, always strive to find a trustworthy retailer that offers quality products at competitive prices.

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