Finances… one of the biggest stress-provider to people. Calculating cash expenses, loan payments, mortgage rates and a lot of other things important for businesses’ profitability, accountants depend on using an accurate and reliable financial calculator. Many are just unable to calculate numbers without a calculator, but when it comes down to serious amounts of money, a single mistake can make a huge impact on the budget. However, there is a wide selection of financial calculators available on the market that can help anyone who is having tough times calculating numbers and allow them to get a better control over their budget. These calculators come with features especially designed for calculating finances, but which one should you buy? To help you make a decision, we provide you with few widely popular financial calculators.


HP 10BIIHP, one of the most reputable calculator brands, has improved the 10B model and introduced the amazing HP 10BII. A simple, easy to use and small financial calculator, with a large display screen and all the needed functions for calculating numbers. The HP 10BII is affordable (if not the least expensive calculator) and can help in solving a variety of business tasks. It can complete more than a hundred different math functions and uses special programs for bond valuations.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus

Texas Instruments BA II Plus ProfessionalThis financial calculator comes in 2 different versions: a version for professional use and a simplified model of the professional version. The TI BAII Plus Professional might be the best financial calculator for accountants, but it can also be quite efficient for high school and college students. The other version is more suitable for not so professional use, but it is also a common choice. The TI BAII Plus comes with additional functions and features that are not available with every financial calculator on the market. Its price is yet another reason to buy this calculator instead of others, especially if your budget is sorted out.

Sharp EL-733A

Sharp EL-733AAnother popular option you will find on the market is the Sharp EL-733A, designed and manufactured also by one of the most popular calculator brands. The EL-733A is an affordable financial calculator that is ideal for use by college and high school students, but is not ideal for use in professional fields. This budget financial calculator is great at performing basic finance-related tasks, such as mortgage loans, loan payments, cash flow, bonds, etc. Lastly, the Sharp EL-733A can be used during CFP certification exams.


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