In these days, it seems that everyone is trying to cut back on their consumption of artificial flavors and ingredients. Instead, they are opting for natural products that are high known to be better for the body and wellbeing. But what about natural sweeteners?


The people’s most favorite choice has been Stevia, and that for quite a while. A natural sweetener derived from the leaf of a South American plant, it has been used in a variety of products as a health alternative to artificial sweeteners.

The biggest concern that people have when buying a Stevia product is: What should I look for in a Stevia product and what are the most recommend ones? Well, most of all you should stay away from products that contain additives like dextrose, rebiana and maltodextrin.

Here is the top 3 Stevia products you should consider.

1. SweetLeaf in liquid or powder

SweetLeaf sweeteners have zero calories, zero glycemic response, zero carbs, are gluten free and are make with high quality ingredients. Considered one of the top wellness company, it has won numerous awards for innovation and taste.

Its flavored Stevia products make a perfect addition for hot and cold coffee and tea as well as milk and shakes.

Whether it is for weight management, hydration, or just enjoying a delectable drink or meal, SweetLeaf products will allow you to enjoy exceptional taste without the guilt.

2. NuNaturals

NuNaturals products use a highly concentrated Stevia extract and should not be compared with less potent products. In order to make their Stevia products one of the best tasting ones in the market the company uses plant-based natural flavors. This ensures a superior tasting for their flavored Stevia products.

3. Now Foods Better Stevia

Now Better Stevia is a zero-calorie, Non-GMO, low glycemic sweetener, which can be considered as the ideal healthy substitute for artificial sweeteners and table sugar. The company uses only 100% stevia extract in their products and treat them with a special enzymatic process that lead a clean and superior tasting sweetener.

If you’ve been searching for a natural sugar substitute product with a decent sweet flavor, know that you just have found 3. All of them can be used in cooking, baking and in drinks.

These top Stevia products can be found in any reliable retailer that offers natural products. To find great deals on them you can opt to buy online. There are many online retailers that offer amazing deals on these products, which may not be available on your local store.


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