Your Ultimate Antique Mirror Pricing Guide

Buying a new furniture piece is always a good way to refresh your home. Whether a table, sofa, lamp or mirror, they all will add a new dimension to your home. And, when it comes to mirrors, the best way to enhance the beauty and style in your home is by adding a luxury touch with antique mirrors.
Just like any other collectible, antique mirrors vary in value. In order to find the correct value for the chosen mirror, you need to know who made it, when it was made, how common it is and of course its current market value.


Original or Replica?

When looking for good antique shop Melbourne offers make sure that the mirror is, in fact, antique and not a replica. If you have a wood mirror, remove the screw. If the screw has irregular spirals, this means that it was handmade and the antique mirror is original. Another prove that the mirror is original is that the homemade screw will have an off-center head.
In case you have a veneer frame, carefully look for thick irregular layers, as modern veneers have thin and smooth layers. Another way for identifying old mirrors is the glass. Antique mirrors have thin and wavy glass while new mirrors have thicker and less wavy glass. You can also check for manufacturer’s mark, as this will help you better identify the mirror, and of course it will increase its value.

Manufacturer And Designer Mark

The manufacturer and designer mark will help you discover when and where the mirror was made. If the manufacturer and designer is popular, then the market value of the mirror will increase. The market value of the antique mirror will be higher because of its age. Once you know who made the mirror and when, find mirrors made by the same designer and take advantage of the best antique shop Melbourne deal.

Rarity And Market Value

If the chosen antique mirror is rare, the market value will be higher. However, if the piece is not sought and popular by collectors, the value will drop.


The condition of the antique mirror is another important factor you need to consider. If there are any signs of wear like cracks, the market value of the mirror will drop no matter how rare or popular the mirror is. If you want to increase its value, you will need to restore the mirror. Take it to an antique shop Melbourne restoration professional in order to get the most for your money.

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