Is the Cold Press Juicer The Best Slow Juicer For 2015

Anyone who loves fresh juices can tell you that a cold pressed juicer offers more tasty and nutritious juice, and contains more yield than any conventional juice machines. Cold pressed juicer or also known as masticating or slow-press juicer, produces less heat than other available juicers and that is why it preserves more nutrients. In fact, this is the main reason why cold press juicer commercial sales rise more and more every day. The greatest thing about the cold press juicer is that it presses and squeezes veggies and fruits slowly, getting the most of it. Well, this is exactly what people want! A nice fresh juice full of nutrients and fresh pulp, and precisely this is what makes the cold press juicer commercial and domestic sales expand.

cold  press juicer

Have a look at some of the most important benefits from having a cold press juicer at home.

  • Rich Taste and Flavor – As we already mentioned cold press juicer uses slow speed to press and squeeze fruits and veggies in order to get the most of the produces. Without any effort or high speed, it can remove the seeds, skin and pulp from all types of fruits and vegetables while extracting the juice without grinding. And because it uses low speed, the heat is less which allows all nutrients and enzymes to be retained. On that way you will be enjoying a glass of healthy juice, rich in taste and flavour.

  • Higher Performance – As a powerful juicer, the cold press juicer has a strong and durable motor which enables it to handle even the toughest skin of both fruits and vegetables. What’s more, cold press juicers are noiseless when compared to other juice makers available on the market.

  • Worthy Investment – Besides the above advantages, one of the greatest is that it is a huge but worthy investment that will last. Furthermore, cold press juicer produces 35% more juice than other juicers, so if you do the math and spend approximately $100 per week on fruits and vegetables, this means that you will save at least $35 per cup by preparing your juice at home with a cold press juicer.

When it comes to buying cold press juicer, choose a company that offers high quality juicers at affordable prices. You can do this by picking one cold press juicer from a particular online store and subscribe for their weekly promotions, sales and discounts. On

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