Kitchen Sinks: How To Make the Best Choice

Installing a new sink when remodeling your kitchen can really make a difference. In fact, the kitchen sink is without doubt one of the essential elements in every kitchen, that can have significant impact on the visual appeal and functionality in the heart of your home – your kitchen. Thus you shouldn’t overlook the importance of choosing the right sink for your kitchen. When it comes to kitchen sinks, the best choice for you would be a sink with layout, design and size specifications that will best match the space and design of your kitchen as well as your needs.


To make the best choice when buying a kitchen sink is not difficult, because kitchen sinks Australia manufacturers offer a wast span of kitchen sinks in a variety of materials, designs and sizes. What you need to do, is to do your homework and determine the size and design specifications of your kitchen space and find a good kitchen sinks Australia retailer. Afterwards, you should choose the material, size, and type.

Types of Kitchen Sinks

Top Mount Sink – What characterizes this sink is its construction and edge that overlaps the counter. The top mount sink has a good visual appeal and is available in more materials, but is more difficult to clean. The only issue in cleaning and maintaining this type of sink is the dirt that gets accumulated near and under the edge.

Under Mount Sink – As its name implies, the under mount sink is installed under the counter. To install an under mount sink your counter must be made of some solid and strong material such as granite, composite, corian or marble.

Farm House Sink – Kitchen sinks Australia manufacture offer a variety of farm house sinks in different materials, sizes and colours. This is one of the heaviest sinks you can find on the market. However, the farm house sink is very durable, practical and doesn’t need additional support.

Kitchen Sink Materials

Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is the most popular kitchen sink material for many years. Durability, high-quality and ease of maintenance are three main advantages of this material. The stainless steel kitchen sinks Australia retailers offer are mainly distinguished by their thickness, also known as gauge. The lower the gauge grade is the thicker the sink is, and the thicker the sink is the better its quality is.

Porcelain – If your kitchen is in vintage style, a good pick for you would be a porcelain. Unlike stainless steel, you can pick a porcelain sink in the colour you prefer. This type of sink can really revive the look of your kitchen, but it will take you more time and effort to clean it. Also it is more prone to scratches and chips.

Granite Composite – This is quite strong kitchen sink material that is resistant to damages such as chips and scratches. If you cook and use the kitchen frequently this is a good option to consider. Kitchen sinks Australia retailers would say that granite composite is one of the most commonly chosen materials for homeowners who know exactly they want.


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