Every woman needs an overnight bag. Whether it is for a weekend gateway or a short trip, you need it to carry your everyday essentials.

When it comes to choosing overnight bags, many women tend to caught on the simplest design of them. But since you are not like the other women, you sure want something more intricate.

Available in a variety of designs, sizes and materials, there is really a variety of overnight bags to choose from. Ranging from cheap and enthusiastic canvas to expensive and luxurious leather, when shopping for your overnight bag you will need to consider the type, material, size and colour of the bag.

overnight handbag

1. The types of overnight bags

  • Tote Bags – While tote bags are usually used as a fashion statement or for practical purposes, bigger models can also be used as an overnight bag. Just make sure it is big enough to carry all the essentials you will need when away from home.
  • Duffle Bags – Duffle bags are much larger than totes. They are often made of though materials, such as canvas and usually features a heavy duty shoulder strap than can support great weight. A duffle bag can be described as a sort of unstructured bag.
  • Carry-On Bags – Carry-on bags are very common among frequent flyers. They are often made out of a hard plastic, but can also be made out a thin metal. When opting for a carry-on-bag, make sure it meets the size and weight limits of the airline, and features trolley wheels for easy carrying.

2. The material overnight bags are made of 
On the past, overnight bags were made from heavy cloth. But with many famous designers manufacturing them today, you can see overnight bags made from canvas, leather, jute and nylon. Overnight bags made from jute are very common in the eastern countries where they are often taken on beach trips. Leather overnight bags have the ability of being very stylish while still serving their original purpose, which is to carry things off on an overnight holiday.

3. Size
An overnight bag should be big enough to hold your toiletries, clothes and other personal essentials for a night or weekend out. In an average, overnight bags measurements are approximately 46 cm wide by 30 cm long, by 30 cm tall. Some models might be a slightly bigger or smaller. Make sure to choose the right bag size so you can fit what you need for your overnight retreat.

4. Colour
While overnight bags need to be functional, that doesn’t mean they can not be fashionable. And which color or pattern to choose or not comes down to what outfits you will pair it with. When paired with a formal dress, the bag should be a one solid colour with very few adornments. A leather overnight bag is always a great choice for the city and you can never go wrong with a black or brown colour. However, do not feel limited. You can also find leather overnight bags in red, yellow, mustard and plum colours.


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