Review of Custom Made Earplugs

In this dynamic world with all the noise that surrounds us daily, it can be hard to protect your hearing, especially with music becoming portable and headphones constantly sitting on our ears. Add the extremely loud environmental sounds from construction sites, stores and cafes to it, and you have a recipe for damaged hearing. Maybe you won’t feel anything at once, but over time these listening habits will affect your hearing ability, your ability to actively participate in conversations and ultimately, limit your daily activities, since you won’t be able to hear clearly! So, what can you do to protect your hearing? Of course you won’t give up music while you jog, workout or walk to work, but what you can do, is give your ears a rest once in a while.

custom made earplugs

Here is a short review of some custom made earplugs which you can use every time you want to escape from all the noise and indulge yourself in complete silence.

  1. Earplugs made of cotton
    Cotton is easy and soft. It can perfectly be molded into a ball that will do the same function as flange earplugs for instance. The advantage of these custom made earplugs is that you won’t even feel them in your ears, and they won’t make you any discomfort while you sleep for example. Take a small piece of cotton and make a small ball of it with your fingers. Place it in your ear and voila! You don’t hear anything.
  2. The Radians custom molded earplugs
    This is a DIY kit which will take you only 10 minutes to mold. You can use this kit for every occasion from sport events, flying, swimming, on construction sites, in factories and almost everywhere there are loud noises. They are made of light materials, so they’re comfortable to be worn all day if you need to.
  3. Use your fingers!
    Probably the easiest custom made earplugs are your fingers. Just put your hands over your ears every time you find yourself in noisy environments and protect your ears. Sure this is only a temporary solution since you can’t walk around with your fingers in your ears and look like a monkey.

Despite these three choices of custom made earplugs, the next best thing you can get are these two types of earplugs:

  • Foam earplugs – You can get these in any pharmacy for a very affordable price. The are designed to perfectly fit your ear canal because when squeezed and placed in the ear canal, they expand to fit the size of the canal. This way, these earplugs act as the perfect sound isolators. Since this is foam, they may not be very suitable for swimming or bathing with them, but for sleeping and studying without distractions, they are perfect.
  • Flat roll-up foam – These are flat ear plugs, and it’s recommended that they’re always worn in the wallet, as one should never be without them. Mainly targeted at men, these earplugs have noise reduction up to 21dB. Just roll the flat, small tape of foam and place it in your ear. They’re very similar to the foam earplugs, with the only difference that these seem to be unsuitable for women ‘s small ear canals.

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