The We Tango: Adult Toy Review

we tangoAs entertaining as it may be the idea of enjoying a talented mouth down there, I believe all ladies will agree with me that having a portable buzzing solution in your bag is a much more convenient option. It’s the 21st century, and still feeling ashamed to talk about using vibrators is just wrong, silly and well… sad. It’s a known fact that almost half of the female population in the world has used a vibrator at least once in their life, and as one of them, I want to tell all of you who haven’t, that you’re missing a lot. Orgasms are easier, and the overall feeling is just overwhelming. And no, all myths about becoming addicted to your vibrator or replacing your partner with it are pure stupidity. The least that could happen is your partner getting more aroused and you benefiting even more!

To share a great experience with you ladies, I’m writing this short review of my latest toy for sexual indulgence: the We Tango vibrator. Actually, I got in a sex shop for getting something else, but once I’ve seen its slim figure, I got intrigued about how would that little bullet-like thing feel against my clit. Next you know, I am rushing the exit with the We Tango in my bag and excitement in my panties.

So ladies, I can say without any hesitation that the We Tango is one very powerful vibrator. What is interesting about this, is that the We Tango is small, measures only 7.62 centimeters and it’s slim, no curves , no nothing on it. Being like this, it looks disappointing at first, but once you try it, you get surprised of the things it does to you! So it’s kind of amusing to have something so small, and yet incredibly powerful.

Secondly, the design of the We Tango is just fancy. Made of hard silicone, pink colour, and waterproof properties, this is a vibrator that would be a real shame not to wear in your bag. It’s shaped like a lipstick, with a slanted tip that allows for direct clit stimulation. And in combination with the hard silicone which only contributes to stronger vibrations, you have yourself a real tornado-maker!

And finally, the technical properties of this vibrator meet a certain level of satisfaction. It has four patterns, (4 being the lowest intensity) and it’s quiet. The user face however is not the best but it is okay; you never know if the batteries are charged or not because the light that indicates it is very weak. Plus, there’s no travel lock! How can something made to be carried everywhere not have a travel lock? The vibrator has short battery life. According to the manufacturer, the vibrator can serve you without any problem for whole two hours, but in reality, is just one. And there is no warning sign when it’s going to die, so you might experience an awkward situation right in the middle of your act. I mean yes, we all care about the environment and support the disposable battery chargeable principle, but not in sex toys!

Aside from this, the We Tango makes a perfectly good vibrator which will have its permanent place in my bag, and as woman to woman, I recommend you make room for it in yours too.


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