If you are renovating your kitchen of simply fitting a new gas cooktop, it is important to pick the size right. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, not all gas cooktop sizes and models will fit in the space allocated in your kitchen. Hence, confirming your measurements and installation requirements before your purchase will ensure an accurate fit of your new gas cook into your kitchen.

On the guide below you will find the most common gas cooktop sizes available on the market and what to expect from them. All measures indicate width.


300mm To 360mm Gas Cooktop Size

If you have small kitchens or want to combine gas and electric cooktops, bench-mounted cooktop models, which are available in single width sizes, make the perfect option.

600mm Gas Cooktop Size

This is the most popular width for both cooktops and ovens, whether freestanding or integrated. Because of that, the chances are great that your current kitchen is designed for this size. A 600mm gas cooktop usually features four hotplates or burners of different sizes.

700mm and 800mm Gas Cooktop Sizes

Although you may not get any extra hotplates or burners than a 600mm cooktop, with these sizes there will be much extra room around them. That means you can comfortably fit multiple pans on the cooktop at the same time.

900mm Gas Cooktop Size

With a 900mm cooktop, you’ll usually get five or six hotplates or burners. In addition, some models can also feature a teppanyaki plate or a wok burner.

1200mm and 1500mm Gas Cooktop Sizes

Aside of extra hotplates or burners, a 1200mm and 1500mm cooktop may also feature BBQ grill plates.

How do you decide which size cooktop to buy?

Aside of considering the space that you have available in your kitchen, take also in consideration what you will use it for. While for many a four burners cooktop is the perfect choice, you may want a cooktop that offers more space around the burners so you can accommodate few large pans or pots at once.  Moreover, if you do a lot of cooking with a wok, you should definitely consider a wok burner.

Regardless of which size of gas cooktop you choose, you will be able to find a wide variety of them available online and offline. For helpful advice on which gas cooktop size might best suit your kitchen needs, most retailers offer customer support that you call or e-mail.


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