When you decide to adopt a puppy or a dog, there is a number of important decisions to make and some related expenses to handle. A dog collar is one of the first purchases you will have to make. A collar is an essential dog item. Aside of providing a place for you to attach your dog’s license or tag that identify it in case it gets lost, stolen or injured, it also allows you to connect a leash on it.

There are numerous different types of dog collars available on the market. However, nylon dog collar models are the number one choice among pet owners. Following are some important factors to consider when shopping for a collar for your dog.

Nylon Dog Collar

Types of Dog Collars

When shopping for dog collars, you will figure out that dog collars can be made from different materials. Here is a list with the most common types of materials and their advantages and disadvantages.

Material Advantages Disadvantages
Leather – Very comfortable for dogs.

– Durable and long-lasting.

– Strong and resilient.

– Not suitable for dogs that like to play or swing in the water.

– As leather collar can shrink, if it is already tight, it can lead the dog to choke.

– Leather collars are not as adjustable as the other types.

Nylon – A nylon dog collar is tough yet flexible.

– It can be washed in case it gets too smelly or too dirty.

– A nylon dog collar is relatively inexpensive.

– A nylon dog collar looks more casual and informal than the other types of collars do.

-May not be appropriate for a special occasion.

Fabric – Fabric dog collars are colorful and fun.

– They are fairly inexpensive.

– Provide a soft, comfortable fit for your dog’s neck.

– Not very durable.

– Can become soiled quickly.

– May rip or fray if the dog usually pull against the leash.

Choosing a Dog Collar

As you start to look for a collar for your dog, you should keep few key considerations in mind. Since the dog needs to be comfortable, it is important to choose a collar that is adjustable, durable and easy to clean.

Cheap materials tend to be too rigid for comfort. Moreover, their edges can be tough and may cause cuts into your dog’s neck as it runs and moves about. The perfect collar should be smooth and comfortable – with no rough or sharp edges. Also strong and lightweight.

Understanding the differences between the dog collar models, will help you select the collar that your dog will need for different activities and occasions.


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