Different Types Of Commercial Juicer Models

Before you buy a juicer, it is very helpful to know the basic commercial juicer types. Juicers differ from each other greatly and you will get different produce from each. Your juicer choice will contribute to many factors, such as how fast you can get fresh juice or how long your fresh juice will last. Also, different types of juicers determine the variety of juices you can produce, some are versatile and allow you to prepare other things than juice. The juicer you purchase should also be especially suited to your use. Here are the main types of commercial juicer models which you must know before making your decision.

Centrifugal Juicer ā€“ Centrifugal juicer is the type of juicer we are all familiar with. It can be found in any department store and it is usually the most affordable type of commercial juicer. Its name comes from its working principle. The working principle of this commercial juicer is similar to the washing machine’s. The centrifugal juicer uses a cutting blade to chop up the raw product (fruit for juice) and spin it at a high speed. The quick spinning movement provides much extraction, making it less efficient than single or twin gear juicers, which seize every drop of juice. Using this juicer is very easy and simple, as well as cleaning it.


Masticating (Slow) Juicer ā€“ Masticating juicer, or also known as slow juicer, is one of the latest commercial juicer models. It uses a single gear or an auger with blades to crunch the fruit or vegetables into pulp, meanwhile releasing juice. Its name comes from its unique ability to operate at very low speed, which is a highly efficient crunching process of producing juice. And since it operates slowly, there is no heating to the nutrients being masticated and the juice is cold and fresh.

Triturating (Twin Gear) Juicer ā€“ Triturating juicer is simply the best juicer you can buy. This commercial juicer extracts fresh juice from fruits or vegetables using not one, but two (twin) gears which interlock with each other. These two gears are rotating inwards and crushing everything between into a very dry pulp. The twin gear juicer operates slowly and does not produce heat. This juicer is preserving the maximum of the nutrients and it does not provide foam. Versatile and very powerful, the twin gear juicer is able to juice virtually any type of vegetable and fruit, including the hardest vegetables and softest fruits.


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