Established in 1921, Shimano is a Japanese manufacturer of fishing equipment and is certainly one of the most reliable in the world. The best category of Shimano is Shimano fishing rods. This simple guide for Shimano fishing rods may help you understand them better and choose the best one.

Shimano Fishing Rods

Crucial Fishing Rods

Made especially for bass tournament anglers, Crucial Shimano fishing rods are technique specific. These series include a total of 66 Crucial rod models, ranging from jib and worm to innovative techniques of underspin lures. Using two layers of graphite and two layers of T-glass, all parts of Shimano fishing rods have been made from this mixture, including the underspin, topwater and crankbait. The handle of Shimano fishing rods of this series is rubberized reel seat and it has no threads, so the anglers can enjoy a comfortable fishing. On the rod blank, you can put three or four fingers to increase the sensitivity.

Clarus Fishing Rods

Shimano fishing roads of the Clarus series are some of the latest products by the company. They are mostly known for their very efficient performance on the water and are widely used from bass anglers. Usually, these Shimano fishing rods feature a combination of green metallic color and charcoal gray. In total, these series feature 26 models, all bass technique specific. In fact, these are the first technique specific bass fishing rods for many anglers. If you are a bass angler, look no further than these 26 fishing rods.

Compre Fishing Rods

Compre series of Shimano fishing rods is made for Inshore Fisherman, Musky and Hard Core Bass. It was introduced about twenty years ago, but it was not a specific technique. Over the years, Shimano has created it to one of the best fishing techniques used in all kinds of fishing environments. The full lineup includes 59 different models, covering virtually all fishing applications. When it comes to tournament anglers, the series Compre is a common choice of many. These Shimano fishing rods have same reel seat as the Crucial series, only more versatile.

Convergence Fishing Rods

The Convergence series of Shimano fishing rods is ideal choice for anglers looking for blank construction rods. These fishing rods include all the features that the anglers are looking for. The series features 15 models, all suitable for bass anglers. Combination of various length, power and actions, these Shimano fishing rods provide a variety of options the anglers to choose from.

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