BMC CPAP Products – Your Solution To Treating Sleep Apnea

People with sleep apnea are more likely to suffer heart attacks and strokes that can be deadly. Why is that so? Most people don’t take this disease seriously, and refuse to treat it on time. But that only leads to bigger problems in future. Patients that suffer from sleep apnea, are out of breath repeatedly during the sleep. This means, they don’t get enough oxygen in the brain and the rest of their body. When untreated, patients increase the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes or heart attack. Knowing all that, manufacturers made effective CPAP machines and masks that deliver enough air to breath without problems during the night. BMC is definitely one of the best brands that produces quality CPAP machines, masks and other accessories needed for sleep apnea patients. This brand stands out from the rest, with its innovative, stylish and quiet CPAP machines and BMC products  that help prevent the collapse of upper airways while asleep. Here are some of the trendsetters these days.

BMC Products

BMC Resmart CPAP Machine with Humidifier – The best way to treat sleep apnea is to use BMC products. This brand strives to produce only the most efficient sleep apnea products that provide provide greater comfort and efficiency. The new BMC CPAP machine is definitely the new trendsetter. This model has been designed for both home and clinical use. No need to regulate the pressure every night, instead this machine works with fixed pressure. Once the doctor determines your pressure, you can start using this machine. Includes heated humidifier as well, to prevent dry nose in the morning.

New BPAP 25 Machine with Humidifier – BMC products are carefully designed to relieve sleep apnea symptoms. Unlike the CPAP machine, this BMC bpap machine uses two different pressure levels for exhalation and inhalation. This popular bipap 25 machine includes heated humidifier with water chamber as well, to ease your breathing during the night, especially if you have serious lung problems. Since there are two different pressures, you must talk to your respiratory physician to regulate the pressures on this machine.

Auto CPAP Machine without Humidifier – One of the best BMC products is definitely the auto CPAP machine. This machine features three-mode operations (CPAP, APAP and Auto Titration) depending on your personal needs. There is no need to adjust the pressures yourself. This machine is smart enough to automatically increase the pressure if patients lack air.


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