Mixing is a familiar process to all of us, but only a few truly understand the meaning of mixing process. It is safe to say that mixing is involved in almost everything we can touch and see, not only in construction industry for mixing cement. Today, there is a wide range of mixing equipment used for mixing and they are known by few names: blenders, mixers and agitators. For those who are not involved in the construction business or are not familiar with the mixing process and mixing equipment, we will explain it by describing the most common and simpler mixing process.

What do you do after adding sugar and maybe milk to your coffee or after pouring ice water into hot water to reduce the temperature? You stir your coffee with a spoon, right? This little mixing action of adjusting the temperature or making the taste of your coffee better is called mixing process. However, the mixing process is done with a specific purpose in mind and can be explained in a few words only. The mixing process is simple, but the purposes for it vary from application to application, as there are numerous reasons why specific substances need to be mixed.

The mixing process becomes more complicated as from small mixing process, such as a cup of coffee, to large mixing process that takes place in a large tank of few meters in length, or maybe in a round tank, a long and thin tank or a square tank on construction job sites. In many cases, the mixing process refers to mixing cement on a construction job site, but it also affects our daily needs by mixing all sorts of things. The cement mixer is the most common type of mixing equipment and it is one of the most efficient machines. It has a drum, in which the concrete ingredients are added, and few rotating blades, with which the mixer blends and mixes the ingredients homogeneously.

Machines4u Mixing Equipment

As there are different types of mixing equipment, each uses a specific impeller that is designed in different shape and size for a specific application. There are impellers with a strong shearing force, while there are some with weaker force. Some create extremely fast flows, while some create very slow flows, and their characteristics vary according to the form of the flow. So, the basics for everything related to the mixing process lie in the flow. If you are able to utilize the flow efficiently, you can achieve many different aims of mixing different liquids, equalizing the substances temperature, dissolving solids or gas into liquid or even dispersing substances without causing them damage.

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