Hair Extensions

I have always wanted longer hair, but my hair was growing so slowly. I have tried many cosmetic products for faster hair growing, but none of them was working well.
I recently came across with a blog post for hair extensions. I have never thought before of getting a hair extension for me. But looking at the girl from the photo, I couldn’t even see the difference between her real hair and the extension. I kind of started liking her hair style.
I search on Google a little bit of hair extensions and I find, а hair salon situated in Melbourne.

WestEndHair were offering free hair extensions consultation in Melbourne, so this was my perfect time for meeting with specialist, who will suggest something for my hair.
I was desperate for having longer hair and also bigger volume. Since I was 5 years old, I have never had longer hair than to my shoulders. This was my chance to make my wish come true.

I met the WestEndHair team. They said that my hair is to thing, and that with only two layers of double hair clip-in extension I will have the shape and the length that I desire, and with few fixes on my hair, the extension and my hair will look the same.
The extension and my hair got coloerd with the same hair color, and they were ecagly the same color. The extension is so easy for wearing. I totally love it.

I can iron it, I can make it curly, it’s so great.  I don’t wear it constantly. I put it on almost every evening, but still I don’t prefer wearing it for work.


It’s always good having an extra hair 😉
You cna make more elegant hairstyles, make your hair looks more healthier and beautiful. I know, long hair does not fit always right on all the face shapes, but on my it fits well.


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