Womanity – Thierry Mugler Perfume

Perfumes have many purposes, but the main purpose because is used is the make people feel lovely and beautiful.
Fernand Dumont once said:“…a woman not yet seen, but whose perfume accumulates on the horizon like a storm cloud.”

It’s true, the perfumes is telling about you more than you think. Is the mirror of your personality, the mirror that can not be seen but only felt with your sense of smell.

I would like to make a short about one really great womens perfume. It’s the Womanity Thierry Mugler perfume.

Analyzing this french fashion designer, we can see that he has really has made deep research about women, and what they like, and what makes them feel beautiful and confident.

The womens perfume “Womanity” is the latest perfume from this fashion house Thierry Mugler.
Starting to analyze from its bottle, this is perfume with a great bottle design. On of the best thing about this perfume is that it’s refillable. You can later use this perfume bottle for any other refillable perfumes.

The smell of “Womanity” is savory, not sweet. The first time you smell the perfume is a little bit strange. The first signal that goes in your head, is that the perfume is salty mixed with sweet and freshness, and crisp and wet. But you get this feeling only the first time you smell this “Womanity” perfume.
They you can reach the spicy notes of the perfume. All this thing may sound “strange” on letters, but all that mixed in a smell is great. Is really a nice perfume, guy friendly.
Not all the guys love pink juice perfume, so this is great perfume for day and night wear.



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